Talk on Colours – Part02

Hello everyone, We were talking about a very very wonderful subject – the colours – since the last post. Now we will continue our discussion further. So, the question arrived earlier was – How do we actually see?  For us to see anything, it needs at-least these four things. A light source An object to…

Colours, wishlisted topic

Colours! What a great and beautiful topic to discuss about. I am feeling really joyful to announce that for next few days we will be talking about such a wonderful topic. We all know the importance of colours. Colours play a very significant role in our day to day life. Colour is the basic and…

Visiters whishlist – request by Jurekoon

‘Jurekoon‘ requested me to upload the lamp rig file Regarding my post “Pixar luxo Jr. Lamp riggint test”. So instead of just putting the file again, I thought to simply show how to creat a parametric spring in blender by using its screw modifier. So here’s how:

WishList- Bone colours in blender

We have yet another question from Shashi about bone colours in blender. Ans: Theoretically, We CAN NOT change the colour of armature bones, in blender. Instead we have to change it through ‘Bone Groups’. It can be done in following easy steps.

Adding Keyboard shortcuts in Blender

From a recent comment through ‘Visitor’s Wishlist’, Sheetal Asked about ‘How to add keyboard shortcut to add a modifier in Blender. So here is how: Here is a blender 2.63 screen-shot. In the scene just select any object. Then Go to modifier stack in the Properties panel. Now open the ‘Add Modifier‘ list. Then ‘Right-click‘…