UV Unwrapping : conceptual introduction

Today we are going to see a conceptual introduction of the process of UV Unwrapping.
Following is a video demonstrating the same. Continue reading

3d software – Blender Introduction

    This is the 1st regular post of CG training catagory of my blog.

    One by one, I will be covering most of the aspect of computer graphics especially 3d CG.

So, to start with let me introduce you one of my favorite 3d software called ‘Blender’

    About Blender:

    Blender is a free and open source 3d content development software. In spite of being ‘free’ it is a very professional and widely used 3d application. It is based on OpenGL graphics API and runs on most of the widely used Operating Systems (Yes it runs very well on Windows, Mac and Linux too)

    Blender supports almost all areas in 3d graphics, for example: 3d Modeling, sculpting, Full fledged character rigging, key frame animation, procedural animation, Non linear editing, image and texture painting, python scripting, UV unwrapping, Particles and fluid simulations, Cloth simulation, hairs, fur, soft-body and rigid-body dynamics simulation, rendering, node based compositing, audio-video sequencing (video-editing), interactive content development (game development) and so on…

    This means it has tool sets for almost every thing that is needed to make an animation short or a film, advertisements or even a 3d game. Throughout the next CG training blog posts and tutorials we are going to see blender a lot. So stay tuned!

CG Training

I am in process of updating my blog. In 2003 and 2004, my 2 articles on 3d computer graphics, were published in local Marathi news paper (called ‘सकाळ’). I received huge response and replies from readers. Few more articles are about to be published very soon. So, I am going to add several 3d Graphics related training material on the blog in conjunction with the paper articles, in next few months. The sequence and selection of the training topics, will be based on public and reader’s replies, comments and feedback.

The topics will mainly include 3d Computer graphics, animation project handling, 3d software ‘blender’ training materials.