Launching soon…’Let’s learn 3D Animation’

The English version of my FREE 3D animation training series is almost ready. I am having very good response to the original Marathi training, ‘चला शिकूया 3D Animation!‘. I will soon start posting the English version. I hope you will like it. The complete series will introduce to you, various aspects of 3D graphics and…

P82-WIP colour tests

Project 82 characters skin colour tests are going on. Here is a work in progress image. Most of the material settings are now finished and the animation work is also going on in parallel with this and our other commercial works at ADS.               See also: Full script of P82 shortfilm.

WIP P82: This is it- group test

This is the group render test made for one of the starting shots as per the storyboard. I guess you have checked the full storyboard and script of this short film !          

P82 WIP: moon render test

Shivraj is working on the rendering and materials part of the project. Here is an images showing the textured moon test rendering….


Here is the next WIP image for the short film ‘Project-82’ work going on side by side with our regular commercial projects at Advaita Design Studio will add more soon…


  here is the next work in progress image for the project 82 animation testing. 3d artist Shashikant is working on the character animation part for this.