Script vs Screenplay! First wishlist discussion!

Ok here we go! Our first “Visitor’s Wish-list” question has arrived and its from Shashi. He wants to know about the difference between Script and Screenplay. Rather a very good question to start with. Thanks Shashi.
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‘Project 82’ script

Hi, following is the script of the short film ‘Project 82’ that we are working on, at Advaita Design Studio.

Script, Dialogues, Storyboard sketches, Screen play,

Allllll in one file

Names of characters:

RED i: (to be pronounced as ‘red eye’) commander of the mission ‘Project 82,

Master 80i: (‘master eighty eye’) the eldest and experienced one,

         like ‘Master Yoda’ from ‘star wars’

CRi: (‘cry’) the control officer, always cries on situations,

HAWK i: (‘hawk eye’) the observer and space-ship pilot,

Mi: (‘m eye’) matter sample tester,

iY: (‘eye y’) Explosive scientist, works in ‘the noeye LABs’

HC: (high command) the high command of the mother ship…

G5: (‘g five’) the organizer, arranger, manager, communicator, etc, etc, etc.

HV301, HV302, HV303: (body-guard / helper robots)



Establishing Shot

Black screen appears,

Star field appears,

Project Title text (Project 82) appears,

Camera turns up & title goes down out of frame, disappearing,

Entry of mother ship from top right corner of screen going in front side (extreme close up)

Mother-ship is moving ahead, after some distance (full framed) & door opens

Baby ship launch from mother ship, comes down…

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