Gimble Lock in Euler rotations

Here is a 15 min video I recorded yesterday, which explains the gimble lock problem in Euler rotations in 3d softwares. – see video below…  

WishList- Bone colours in blender

We have yet another question from Shashi about bone colours in blender. Ans: Theoretically, We CAN NOT change the colour of armature bones, in blender. Instead we have to change it through ‘Bone Groups’. It can be done in following easy steps.


After a long (Commercial) break, we resume back to the home production project82 animation work. Shashikanta and Parag are now working on some parts of animation and Shivraj is on material and textures finalisation. Here is a latest work-in-progress images of Shashikanta’s animation part.


The animation of characters and other objects is at progress now.

WIP- Humanoid robot rig

We are working on the rigging part of the Humanoid (Biped) robot character in the project82 short animation film. This is the ‘HV301’ robot. There will be two more, similar to this, Namely ‘HV302’ and ‘HV303’. These robots are the helping robots for the aliens in the story. Check out earlier posts in Project82 category…