Talk on Colours – Part02

Hello everyone, We were talking about a very very wonderful subject – the colours – since the last post. Now we will continue our discussion further. So, the question arrived earlier was – How do we actually see?  For us to see anything, it needs at-least these four things. A light source An object to…

Colours, wishlisted topic

Colours! What a great and beautiful topic to discuss about. I am feeling really joyful to announce that for next few days we will be talking about such a wonderful topic. We all know the importance of colours. Colours play a very significant role in our day to day life. Colour is the basic and…

Gimble Lock in Euler rotations

Here is a 15 min video I recorded yesterday, which explains the gimble lock problem in Euler rotations in 3d softwares. – see video below…  

Bharat Bhai! Very good song – by Pt. Jasraj, Lyrics-Tulasidas

    Almost two years back, probably in July 2009, once I was on a industrial visit regarding an animation project, with my clients (engineering professionals). We were three people and were going to see a two wheeler painting company. We were traveling in the clients Car. His blue WagonR had a very good music system….

The relative ‘God’

My teacher once asked me about my favorite god. I said ‘VITHOBA’ (विठोबा) is my favorite god. He asked me for any special reason, for what I liked ‘Vithoba’. At that time I could not give any good reason, but later when I was home, I tried to figure it out, why I like ‘Him’.