UV Unwrapping : conceptual introduction

Today we are going to see a conceptual introduction of the process of UV Unwrapping.
Following is a video demonstrating the same. Continue reading

Fundamentals of Rendering: 02_ Converting 3d into 2d

camera taking a photographHi! As in the last post, I made an introduction to rendering and we talked about ‘Engines’. Now in this post, we will talk about a process of converting the 3d data into 2d.

Let’s Talk about some output devices first. Like the computer screen, monitors, printers, projectors, etc. If you have observed them closely, non of these device produce actual 3d output. Our PC screen is flat, the printer paper is flat, even the projector projects on a flat background. When we see a film or read a printed paper, we see only the surface of the screen or paper. We don’t actually consider the thickness. That means all of these devices are based on 2d projection system, not on 3d. Continue reading