Blender 2.60 is out!!!

Very happy to here about Blender 2.60! This is probably the most awaited release of blender. Waiting for very interesting new features coming inside it like: Camera tracking, motion capture, Cycles render engine, BMesh, Ocean simulator etc. I will probably write and develop all further blog posts using 2.60 release.

Blender 2.60 startup screen


Shortcuts for using blender

User interface of blender
User interface of blender 2.59

In the last post I have showed you how to install blender. And in an earlier post I made an introduction to Blender’s UI. Now here are some methods to get started with blender. If you have some knowledge of other 3d applications like 3dsmax, Softimage(XSI), Maya or cinema4d etc. then this post will help you a lot in jumping straight in to blender.

Instead of giving long description, I will put the points in just few words here. If you find difficulty in any of them, please let me know, so that I will describe them in detail. Continue reading

User Interface (UI) of Blender

    Hello and welcome to this new post. Today we are going to have a look of blender’s user interface. Just 5 to 6 days back, blender foundation released the latest stable version of blender – Blender 2.59. Hence we will be using Blender 2.59 for this session.

     You can download Blender from its official website ( Once you install blender and start it up, the first screen will look like this:

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