Excited about Blender 2.80


Blender is getting a big update.  It’s in just Alpha stage now.  Not all the functions are working as in 2.79.  But I can tell you it’s mind blowing. Continue reading



After a long (Commercial) break, we resume back to the home production project82 animation work. Shashikanta and Parag are now working on some parts of animation and Shivraj is on material and textures finalisation. Here is a latest work-in-progress images of Shashikanta’s animation part.

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CG Training

I am in process of updating my blog. In 2003 and 2004, my 2 articles on 3d computer graphics, were published in local Marathi news paper (called ‘सकाळ’). I received huge response and replies from readers. Few more articles are about to be published very soon. So, I am going to add several 3d Graphics related training material on the blog in conjunction with the paper articles, in next few months. The sequence and selection of the training topics, will be based on public and reader’s replies, comments and feedback.

The topics will mainly include 3d Computer graphics, animation project handling, 3d software ‘blender’ training materials.

‘Project 82’ script

Hi, following is the script of the short film ‘Project 82’ that we are working on, at Advaita Design Studio.

Script, Dialogues, Storyboard sketches, Screen play,

Allllll in one file

Names of characters:

RED i: (to be pronounced as ‘red eye’) commander of the mission ‘Project 82,

Master 80i: (‘master eighty eye’) the eldest and experienced one,

         like ‘Master Yoda’ from ‘star wars’

CRi: (‘cry’) the control officer, always cries on situations,

HAWK i: (‘hawk eye’) the observer and space-ship pilot,

Mi: (‘m eye’) matter sample tester,

iY: (‘eye y’) Explosive scientist, works in ‘the noeye LABs’

HC: (high command) the high command of the mother ship…

G5: (‘g five’) the organizer, arranger, manager, communicator, etc, etc, etc.

HV301, HV302, HV303: (body-guard / helper robots)



Establishing Shot

Black screen appears,

Star field appears,

Project Title text (Project 82) appears,

Camera turns up & title goes down out of frame, disappearing,

Entry of mother ship from top right corner of screen going in front side (extreme close up)

Mother-ship is moving ahead, after some distance (full framed) & door opens

Baby ship launch from mother ship, comes down…

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English Version of my first article – 18 Nov 2003

 Following is the English version of my first article, originally published in ‘Sakal’ Daily News paper, Pune, on 18 Nov 2003, in Marathi. The translation is done by my wife ‘Shruti’. I decided to post this English translation, after I received few responses from some readers and friends, asking for the same. Please leave your comments and suggestions.

Computer Graphics – 3d Animation

About the 3D animation sector of computer graphics, which has made huge economical and industrial revolution all over the world, and which has become a big source of knowledge and earnings, for many artists…

‘The lion king’, ‘Tarzan’, ‘Toy story’, ‘Tom & Jerry’, ‘The Mummy’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Jurassic park’…. the list is end-less, it goes on and on. What was behind all these movies that influenced the audience so much? Just one thing and that was excellent efforts put forth by the artists. In above all the examples one thing that is common is CG (Computer graphics). Using this CG, impossible things are made possible. In today’s age of ‘IT’ this is one of the most powerful medium that has reached up to the common man. Off course, this technology is not used just for entertainment purpose, but also in the fields of education, engineering, internet, medical, advertisements, case-studies and game developments.

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