WIP Project-82 conference room materials


Shivraj is at his full speed to set up all the basic materials to models in the conference room. We are also planning to test Cycles render engine! If it takes unaffordable extra render time (which is highly expected) then we will continue with BIE (Blender’s internal engine). Check out the other Project 82 related posts here.


Checking out Blender 2.63!

Most awaited B-Mesh, N-Gone and other features are now integrated in the all new Blender 2.63 release.

The mesh editing tools in this new version are simply fast and fantastic. Will diffidently overhaul the complete modeling process. Continue reading

Engine assembly plant visualisation

Advaita Studios Blog

Its a Engine assembly plant visual, which was made for an engineering design company to express their design and material handling concepts to their client. The main focus was on showing the conveyors and transfer systems. As usual we received inputs in form of basic drawings and layout sketches and based on that we developed this 3d visual.

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Fundamentals of Rendering: 01_Introduction

Hi! As mentioned in the last post, here I am starting now the discussion on ‘Rendering’:

A typical animation film production lineup consists of three main parts, as everybody knows, namely pre-production, production and post production. In todays discussion, we are going to talk about one of the very important section of the Production part – that is ‘Rendering‘. Once the modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting and animation work is over the rendering phase starts.

As we already know, a video film is made up of several still pictures or images. Each such picture is in conjunction with the next one. That means all the images are in a sequential order. In technical language, each of these continuous image, is called a ‘Frame‘. If we start looking at all those frames quickly enough, then it makes an illusion to our eyes. Instead of identifying any single frame separately, we ‘think’ that its a single, continuous visual. That means, this is nothing but ‘fooling’ our eyes or rather brain, to be precise. Isn’t it funny. Continue reading