Launching soon…’Let’s learn 3D Animation’

The English version of my FREE 3D animation training series is almost ready. I am having very good response to the original Marathi training, ‘चला शिकूया 3D Animation!‘. I will soon start posting the English version. I hope you will like it. The complete series will introduce to you, various aspects of 3D graphics and…

WishList- Bone colours in blender

We have yet another question from Shashi about bone colours in blender. Ans: Theoretically, We CAN NOT change the colour of armature bones, in blender. Instead we have to change it through ‘Bone Groups’. It can be done in following easy steps.

Checking out Blender 2.63!

Most awaited B-Mesh, N-Gone and other features are now integrated in the all new Blender 2.63 release. The mesh editing tools in this new version are simply fast and fantastic…


After a long (Commercial) break, we resume back to the home production project82 animation work. Shashikanta and Parag are now working on some parts of animation and Shivraj is on material and textures finalisation. Here is a latest work-in-progress images of Shashikanta’s animation part.

Engine assembly plant visualisation

Originally posted on Advaita Studios Blog:
Its a Engine assembly plant visual, which was made for an engineering design company to express their design and material handling concepts to their client. The main focus was on showing the conveyors and transfer systems. As usual we received inputs in form of basic drawings and layout sketches…

P82-WIP colour tests

Project 82 characters skin colour tests are going on. Here is a work in progress image. Most of the material settings are now finished and the animation work is also going on in parallel with this and our other commercial works at ADS.               See also: Full script of P82 shortfilm.

bus painting plant

Originally posted on Advaita Studios Blog:
This is a very sophisticated Bus paining, baking plant. The image is from the visualisation project done for one of our engineering designing client, to highlight specific design areas in the plant layout and material handling. We enjoyed the entire process on the complete visual media development and animation…