About me

Hi! My name is Mahesh Deshpande.
I am the Director of ‘Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd. (ASPL)‘.

I am a graphics artist and working in the design industry, since early 1999. Through my company, I could serve many Engineering and other industrial clients, to make them satisfy, by providing them visual medias. In the spare time I love sketching and playing with my Synthesizer. I also read many books. I specially like philosophical books like ‘Complete works of swami Vivekananda’ etc.

Following is my personal profile:

Mahesh Deshpande (Director, ASPL)

Email: mahesh0806@gmail.com, Facebook: facebook.com/mahesh0806.d, About Company official page
My Professional Experience:
  • Director at Advaita Studios Pvt. Ltd., Since 2013.
  • Founder and Director of Advaita Design Studio (ADS), from 2006 to 2013
  • Working in various categories of Designing and Computer Graphics. since 1999
  • Worked as a Core team member with ‘Horizon Graphics’ (a growing animation studio) for more than 3 years and worked on several engineering, industrial presentation and animation projects, mainly of high detailed modeling and mechanisms etc. (between 2003 – 05)
  • Worked as a Team Leader, Project Designer with ‘Design-works’ (a visual design company) and worked on some industrial promotional animation projects. Now working as a >> Consultant to them for architectural projects. (since 2004)
  • Served as a Faculty for ‘Architectural Draughtsman’ trade at ‘Prin.N.G.Naralkar Institute, Pune. with subjects relating Technical Drawing, Drafting and Designing (during 2000 – 2001).
  • Providing Training on digital graphics in various fields like – CAD, 3d modeling, rigging, animation etc. on various 2d and 3d softwares.
  • Also worked as a Freelancer, on many projects of Interior designing, Model making (Physical), and several other animation projects. (between 1999 – 2003)
Academic Qualifications:
2 yrs. Diploma in Interior Designing and Decoration, JRVGTI, Pune (April 2001)
passed with Grade ‘A’ getting 3rd Rank in Institute.
2 Yrs. Architectural Draughtsman course, Naralkar Institute, Pune (Apr – 1999)
passed with 1st class getting 2nd Rank in the Institute.
Cert. course in Autodesk 3dsMAX 2.3, MTSC, Pune (Oct – 2000)
passed with ‘A+’ Grade.
Cert. course in Autodesk AutoCAD ’98, ‘OM Computers’, Pune (Oct – 1998)
passed with 90% and ‘A+’ Grade.
Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test, at Muktangan Eng. School. (Feb – 1997)
Resulted IQ : 144
Intermediate Drawing Grade Exam. Chitralila Niketan, Pune. Govt. of Mah. (Mar – 1997)
passed with Grade ‘A’
SSC Board Exam.,Thane. Maharashtra Board (Mar – 1996)
passed with 1st class.
Through this blog I will share my thoughts, my artworks (sketches, digital paintings etc.) and will also share my articles published in news papers. So, please go through my blog, and give me your comments and feedback! Don’t forget to subscribe!
Thanks, Mahesh Deshpande

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