Excited about Blender 2.80


Blender is getting a big update.  It’s in just Alpha stage now.  Not all the functions are working as in 2.79.  But I can tell you it’s mind blowing.

Please check out the updates on the Blender’s 2.8 made here:


I recently sponsored Blenders Code Quest which was planned to boost the development of the Blender’s upcoming release.  Its really a worldwide community development and I am glad I am part of it.  You can find my company’s name in the Sponsors list. ( in Silver Sponsor: “Advaita Studios”)

I will update more about the new blender soon.  By the way, many of my friends are asking me to again start giving training either directly or online.  My team in office is also ‘lovingly forcing’ me about the same.  So I am planning on it.  Let’s see.

Till then see you…


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  1. Carel says:

    Blender 2.80 looks great and I am already using it, even though it is still in Alpha and it sometimes gives me the odd issue. I think the changes are great.

    I am still figuring out all the places things are now compared to where they used to be, but I am catching up quite quickly and the changes seem to be logical. I Love Eevee and already made some quick test renders with it.

    I can’t wait for the official release of v2.80


    1. Yes.
      I hope most of the functions will be similar or better in 2.8

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      1. Carel says:

        In my opinion of what I have been able to play with there is one our 2 things I will maybe miss (The Blender Game Engine, a fiew keyboard shortcuts, and Wireframe mode) thats not there anymore our changed but all and all I think its a great improvement. Atlease the layout of the GUI, Layers turned into Collections, The Water sim seem to be better and faster, Eevee is awesome. I just hope they make Eevee work with emmision materials. It seems to be wanting Point Lights again like the Default Blender Render Engine and BGE. All and all Blender v2.80 is a little bit different but i think better.

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