3 answers about Career in 3d animation industry

Since 2003, I have been asked for guidance, so many times, about making career in 3D animation field. Most of the questions are from parents asking for their 10th or 12th std children. And other are from those who want to enter in the field themselves.

Out of all the queries, I have shortlisted these 3, which I think are the most important ones:

Most of them were asking me to give more information and a broader overview of the sector. According to them, such kind of information is not readily and easily available. Most newspaper or magazine articles are promotional and NOT informative. They don’t get a cumulative or sorted out information from such articles.

I was also asked by many, to provide in-depth and application oriented training. They have experience that, most of the famous training institutes charge very high amount of fees, but there is less guaranty for real application oriented training.

And lastly, remaining were asking for jobs. These three issues must be very critical, at-least as I understood, from the number of e-mails, calls and messages, I received till now.

Now, I definitely want to try for some solution, from my end as much as I can! Since I am working in this field from 1999 at-least, I have ample amount of things, and ideas that I can share, to make a good learning platform for freshers.

The last question (about jobs) is comparatively easy to solve. As their are really many job openings available everywhere. If one gets trained properly then finding a god is not so difficult right-now. Even my company ‘Advaita-studios’ requires 3D artists, time to time. So interested ones may Contact US.

Now the main part remains about the first two issues.  From my side I have already stared a big training series. Although I already conduct commercial 3D Animation training programs, this particular series will be completely FREE. I think the basic or fundamental knowledge should be available easily.

ASPL-CS3D-FREE-Header-960x280 web

This series, right now, is having good reader response and is increasing. Currently it is developed in Marathi but soon I will be posting it in English too. We are calling the Marathi version as चला शिकूया 3D Animation. The English version, naturally will be called as: Let’s learn 3D animation. I will be making it available soon. And through this post, I am requesting all to visit the series and give me your feedback.

I will post updates about the English version, as soon as it gets ready!

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