Talk on Colours – Part02

Hello everyone,

We were talking about a very very wonderful subject – the colours – since the last post. Now we will continue our discussion further.

So, the question arrived earlier was – How do we actually see?
 For us to see anything, it needs at-least these four things.
  1. A light source
  2. An object to look at
  3. The Eye and …
  4. (We will talk about the 4th in just a minute)
The first thing needed is a light source, from which some amount of light is emitted.

Secondly, an object (of course!) to look at has to be there.

And lastly the Eyes!

Now, if the light emitted from the source bounces off the object’s surface and reaches into our eyes, then we say that we have ‘seen’ the object.

If any one of them is missing, then we don’t see anything. If there is no light source like sun or light bulb etc. every thing will be too dark to see anything. If there is light but there is nothing to see at, even then it will look dark to us. And also if we don’t have our eyes, we obviously will not be able to see. But are these three things really sufficient for us to ‘see’? Is it for sure that with these three things only we can see? Or can we see even if anyone of them is missing? What do you think? Think! Think!
Remember our last discussion? We talked about relativity. So what makes this ‘seeing’ relative to ‘us’. Our thinking! Yes it is we who think that we ‘are’ present. We think that we ‘see’. And this think stuff makes everything relative to us. Without the thinker we can not see.
So now we are very much clear that the forth essential thing is – this thinking stuff, the brain! The light rays coming from the objects enters our eyes and the signal is sent to the Brain, and the brain declares that ‘I have seen something!’.

The brain is the must thing and it is so powerful that it can surpass all the above three requirements. We CAN see without any light source, without any real object to look at or even without eyes, if the brain says so. We do see in dreams, don’t we? In dreams, there is no light source, no real objects and even our eyes are closed but still we see dreams. That’s why we says that our senses are relative. It is the brain that lets us know, that we are seeing something. That is why they say that ‘Being a graphic artist or an animator or a story teller, we need to hit the viewers brain, not just there eyes’.
Now we understood about ‘How do we see’ but then how do we actually see colours? Because that’s our main topic, right? We will talk about that in the third post. So till then, its good bye from me. Please don’t forget to reply, comment, Like or share. See you soon!

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