Visiters whishlist – request by Jurekoon

‘Jurekoon‘ requested me to upload the lamp rig file

Regarding my post “Pixar luxo Jr. Lamp riggint test”. So instead of just putting the file again, I thought to simply show how to creat a parametric spring in blender by using its screw modifier. So here’s how:

I am giving an example of creating a simple spring. As you can see in the screen-shot below, first add a ‘mesh circle’ in your blender scene. Now turn to ‘edit mode’ and rotate all the vertices of the circle by 90 degree in Y axis. Then move all the vertices a few units in Y direction, similar to the image here. And switch to object mode. Now its time to add the ‘Screw modifier’. Go to modifier panel and add it from the modifiers list. Use z axis as rotation axis and change the screw length parameter. Also make sure to turn on the ‘Calc order’ button. This will resolve polygon normal flipping issues, if any. So experiment with the setting and you are good to go.


2 thoughts on “Visiters whishlist – request by Jurekoon

  1. You did not explain what you did here, move and rotate vertices in which viewport? Top? Front? No explanation. How much must we move the vertices by? Not helpful.

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