Baby टिटवी^s near my home. (^Yellow-wattled Lapwing)

Sweet and little Titvi Chicks recorded near my house… (टिटवी in Marathi or Yellow-wattled Lapwing) There were total 4 eggs. All hatched greatly. The parents were taking care of the babies and were securing them from dogs, eagles and kites. but.. Sadly 3 chicks were taken away by some men. Currently only one survives 😦

Wishlist – new query by shashikant

Here is a new query added by ‘Shashikant’ in the Visitor’s Wish-list – “I tried linking a character in blender, it works. But when I duplicated that character (after linking), it follows same animation to each other. Please anyone tell me what will be the best option to solve this problem.” Well Shashikant, I guess…