Baby टिटवी^s near my home. (^Yellow-wattled Lapwing)


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Sweet and little Titvi Chicks recorded near my house… (टिटवी in Marathi or Yellow-wattled Lapwing) There were total 4 eggs. All hatched greatly. The parents were taking care of the babies and were securing them from dogs, eagles and kites. … Continue reading

Wishlist – new query by shashikant

Here is a new query added by ‘Shashikant’ in the Visitor’s Wish-list –

“I tried linking a character in blender, it works. But when I duplicated that character (after linking), it follows same animation to each other. Please anyone tell me what will be the best option to solve this problem.”

Well Shashikant, I guess this problem is only with windows. If you try it in Linux then this should not be a problem. Still if you want multiple copies of the same character to animate separately in windows, then you can duplicate them first in the main scene file, with different names. And then try importing each copy.