WishList- Bone colours in blender

Hello all,
We have yet another question from Shashi about bone colours in blender:
Theoretically, We CAN NOT change the colour of armature bones, in blender.
Instead we have to change it through ‘Bone Groups‘.
It can be done in following easy steps:
1. once you have all bones placed and ready, Go to POSE Mode,
2. Go to Properties Panel (not the ‘N’ Panel)
3. In the bone’s ‘Object data’ tab, find the section – ‘Bone Groups’
4. In there, add your required groups, by clicking the plus (+) button.
5. Then by selecting desired bones in 3d view click ‘Assign’ to the respective group
6. Now if you change the colour theme of the Group it will reflect with the actual bones inside the group.
Note: This only works for the POSE mode and will not show colours in Object mode.
I am inviting all of you to visit and get involved in the Visitor’s Wishlist page, for more quarries, questions and discussions.

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