Adding Keyboard shortcuts in Blender

From a recent comment through ‘Visitor’s Wishlist’, Sheetal Asked about ‘How to add keyboard shortcut to add a modifier in Blender. So here is how:

Here is a blender 2.63 screen-shot. In the scene just select any object. Then Go to modifier stack in the Properties panel. Now open the ‘Add Modifier‘ list. Then ‘Right-click‘ on the desired modifier from the list, that you want to create a shortcut. A small sub-menu will pop-up. Click on ‘Add short cut‘ button, move your mouse on the ‘press a key‘ link area and just press the desired shortcut key (or keys)

That’s it. You just added a brand new hotkey to that modifier.

Try it!


6 thoughts on “Adding Keyboard shortcuts in Blender

  1. In Blender 2.69, and probably earlier, Control1, Control2, Control3 (etc) are default shortcuts to add those levels of subdivision surface. It’s setting up a shortcut to *Apply* the modifier that I found a bit more tricky… When I right clicked and chose my key combination, the entry created in User Preferences >> Input >> 3d View >> 3d View (Global) >> Object mode >> Apply Modifier correctly had (without quotes) “Object. modifier_apply” for box 1; and “ObjectData” for box 2 (Apply as); but it left box 3 empty. It needs to read “Subsurf”… Then it all comes to life all pretty like!

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