Script vs Screenplay! First wishlist discussion!

Ok here we go! Our first “Visitor’s Wish-list” question has arrived and its from Shashi. He wants to know about the difference between Script and Screenplay. Rather a very good question to start with. Thanks Shashi.
So lets try to talk about it here:
What is the deference between a Script and a Screenplay?
“Screenplay is a type of script. A script can be a screenplay.
But a screenplay is always a script!”

Confused? Lets discuss about it further. When we talk about a script, it means a set of written or textual information. It tells us all about something like a film, a video game, a book, or a TV serial etc. Script is made at the planning or pre-production phase. It is meant for the makers and not for the audience. It is a detailed out and well thought version of a concept idea or a story that is to be told through some medium. Such a medium can be, the print medium for a book, theatre for a play or act, and screen for a film. In all the cases the script plays a vital roll and keeps the things in order while in the making stage. Scripts are generally the outcome of brainstorming activities. It needs lot of planning and designing skills to make a good script.

Now, The script for a film is called the screenplay. It tells the makers, directors about the contents to be played on the screen to tell the story, how to take the ‘take’, which are the things that will be ‘seen’ or should be ‘seen’ from the camera frame. It lets the makers to study or design all the necessary elements that are to be considered while filming and story telling. The script or screenplay in case of a film will consist of all the information about the story events, plot, actions, dialogues, filming time, set information, camera angles, lighting requirements, special audio event etc. etc.

In the same way, The script for a drama or an act is called the ‘stage-play’ instead of screenplay. The script for the video games is sometimes called as level design. And so on!

Script is a more generalised term and screenplay or stage-play are its but specified versions. Script has got one more very interesting type. Storyboards!

“A Storyboard is a visual or pictorial representation of a script.”

So we can say that scripts, screenplays, stage-plays or even storyboards are basically the names of the same thing. The difference is only in terms of representation. That all!

Ok! I think you got the picture. If any one of you have any further thoughts or information about this, then please share them here! It will be very encouraging.


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