After a long (Commercial) break, we resume back to the home production project82 animation work. Shashikanta and Parag are now working on some parts of animation and Shivraj is on material and textures finalisation. Here is a latest work-in-progress images of Shashikanta’s animation part.

Originally posted on Advaita Studios Blog:
This is a factory entrance area visual done for a distillery plant. The image is from the full walk-through like video presentation introducing the areas of plant and its functions.  

Dog sketch

This is a sketch that I probably made in 1994 or 95. Click this link to see all other posts in Artworks category

Great words from John Lasseter

I am a BIG fan of John Lasseter. In one interview he said these great words. “Art challenges technology, technology inspires the art” They are so thoughtful and simply great!

Trees Inking

Here is one of the sketches having trees rendered with ‘rotring’ technical pen. This -typically called ‘inking’- was done in Sept’ 97, when I was learning at my Architectural draughtsmanship collage. This kind of work gives lot of fun and pleasure, even though it takes hours to finish.

Originally posted on Advaita Studios Blog:
This is a 3 wheeler body manufacturing plant visualisation image. We did the visuals based on the layout drawings and other references. It was fun making that 3 wheelar body with very much less data in hand.