Found some more old sketches. The original old paper is completely faded out and has become yellow. I have colour-corrected the sketches and posting them now! See the ‘Artworks’ category for all of my sketches and paintings. Please be sure to give your comments too!

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Now I am starting to post some of the images from the regular commercial works done at ADS   This image is from a visualisation project, made for a steel making company. This is a steel melting furnace. This was one of my favourite projects. The client completely gave…

आधार भारताचा (१९९९)

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 वाडवडिलांची | पडीक जमीन | विकली बापानं | गुंठ्यावारी || जिरायती होती | आधी कवडी मोल | आले लाख मोल | गुंठ्यावरी || बक्कळ पैसा | खर्चावा कैसा | एवढीच चिंता | सर्वा लागे || चारचाकी गाडी | झालीया घेऊन | बंगला बांधून | कवाच होई || आता मुला मोठी…

WIP P82: This is it- group test

This is the group render test made for one of the starting shots as per the storyboard. I guess you have checked the full storyboard and script of this short film !          

P82 WIP: moon render test

Shivraj is working on the rendering and materials part of the project. Here is an images showing the textured moon test rendering….