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Now I am starting to post some of the images from the regular commercial works done at ADS


This image is from a visualisation project, made for a steel making company. This is a steel melting furnace. This was one of my favourite projects. The client completely gave us freedom to decide how to represent the plant and the entire process of the melting system.

and in thi


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आधार भारताचा (१९९९)

Aniruddha Desai

 वाडवडिलांची | पडीक जमीन |

विकली बापानं | गुंठ्यावारी ||

जिरायती होती | आधी कवडी मोल |

आले लाख मोल | गुंठ्यावरी ||

बक्कळ पैसा | खर्चावा कैसा |

एवढीच चिंता | सर्वा लागे ||

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WIP P82: This is it- group test

This is the group render test made for one of the starting shots as per the storyboard.

Wow! This is it! Planet 82! <click to enlarge>

I guess you have checked the full storyboard and script of this short film !






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