Here is image ( actually it combination of 2 images) I have taken in museum, just for something different look.


I have captured two images of same cars [Super cars.. 🙂 ] displayed.,  one with high shutter speed & one with low shutter speed , while which I have panned my camera so as to get motion blur

After that I have merged these two images in PS, & after some tweaks, I have created this image…

Ya there is no sense in image..& reality too… but its JUST FOR FUN…!!!!!!

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character animation, blender 2.59


here is the next work in progress image for the project 82 animation testing. 3d artist Shashikant is working on the character animation part for this.

My company ‘Advaita Design Studio’ turned 7

Here I am, resuming back on blog, after long interval.
My company, Advaita Design Studio (ADS), just completed 6 years of service and now Advaita Design Studioturned 7th, on 12 Jan 2012. This day is celebrated in India as the ‘National Youth Day’, as the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. As always, I am very happy, that I could work in Engineering, Architectural and other industrial areas, till now. I am about to start an additional blog, dedicated to the company work. I am currently working on that and also upgrading the company web-site. Mean time I will keep on adding posts to this blog, regarding Blender and other stuff.
See you soon.