Reading ‘रामचरितमानस’

तुलसीदास राम चरित मानसा | मधुरति पढउं बिचार महेसा |
अदभूत अति रामकथा सुंदरा | प्रत्यछ प्रकटउं तुलसी चतूरा ||
सुमधूर बिसेष सुमनाक्षरमाला | भव्य विराट प्रभू रघुबीरलीला |
सुरचित सरयू सुधासम धारा | कै बर्नन करू सब्द अपूरा ||
मंजुल छंद दोहा चौपाई | लिखी मनोहर तुलसी सुहाई |
पंडित सुजान गुणमय ग्यानी | बंदउं रामभगत गोस्वामी ||
I find myself very lucky to come across and to read the great poetry ‘Sri Ram Charit Manas’ written by Goswami Tulsidas. Just few days back I purchased the book with Marathi translation and now reading and surely enjoying it. The lyrics and poetry is so unique yet amazing. It clearly represents the poetic greatness and scholarly intellect of Tulsidas, of-course along with the great love and affection towards his idol SriRam. When we read the book, it actually brings the picture of the story in front of our eyes. Tulsiji’s word selection is really amazing. Each and every word of the line is very thoughtfully placed to harmonize the rhythm and tempo with the story. I really don’t have words to express the joy that we get while reading it. Just made a futile attempt to write the above ‘Doha’ telling few words about my feelings.
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  1. mohiniraj says:

    Yes, its wonderful. I am also reading Ramcharita Manas Hindi version by Gorakhpur press. Is this a coincidence?


    1. Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the reply! Even if it’s a coincidence, its beautiful!


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