1500+ Blog visits! Thank you all!

This blog’s visits just crossed 1500. I personally thank YOU all for your support, comments and ‘Likes’. Thank you for encouraging me. I will keep on posting more regarding CG graphics articles, Project 82, sketching and more… Thanks

WIP project82

Here is the next WIP image showing the mother-ship animation progress. The shot by shot animation is going on…. (Click thumbnail to enlarge)


read out this funny poetry from Aniruddha Desai’s blog झुरळ. झुरळाला बघून बायको, ८ बाय १० च्या किचनमध्ये सैरावैरा पळत सुटली, माझी ढाल करून म्हणाली तूच त्याला मार. जोड्यानं झुरळ मारत मी म्हणालो, तू झुरळाला तरी घाबरतेस हे बघून मला बरं वाटलं. ती म्हणे तू झुरळाला तरी भित नाहीस हे बघून मलाही बरंच वाटलं. मी…

Reading ‘रामचरितमानस’

I find myself very lucky to come across and to read the great poetry ‘Sri Ram Charit Manas’ written by Goswami Tulsidas. Just few days back I purchased the book with Marathi translation and now reading and surely enjoying it. The lyrics and poetry is so unique yet amazing. It clearly represents the poetic greatness and scholarly intellect of Tulsidas,


The animation of characters and other objects is at progress now.