WIP project 82

Animation of few shots is started. Some models are yet to be textured yet. Those will be replaced after the basic animation is finished.

Fundamentals of Rendering: 03_Resolution

Lets talk with the render engine ‘himself’ to go for more pixels:
We: “ Hey! Engie! How are you?”
Engine: “Well! I am starving for pixels. I am unable to show a good image right now”
We: “OK. Then why not add more pixels. Lets try doubling the total pixels”
Engine: “Sure, check this out… this is 40 by 20 pixel image”

Fundamentals of Rendering: 01_Introduction

Hi! As mentioned in the last post, here I am starting now the discussion on ‘Rendering’: A typical animation film production lineup consists of three main parts, as everybody knows, namely pre-production, production and post production. In todays discussion, we are going to talk about one of the very important section of the Production part…

Preparing for “Fundamentals of Rendering”

Hi, I am planning to post some write-up on Fundamentals of Rendering soon. I am now preparing for some good topics on that. I am getting this ready, by using my collection of articles, notes, tutorials and by my personal experience of last 8 years in CG field. The points will cover fundamentals of digital…