Blender 2.60 is out!!!

Very happy to here about Blender 2.60! This is probably the most awaited release of blender. Waiting for very interesting new features coming inside it like: Camera tracking, motion capture, Cycles render engine, BMesh, Ocean simulator etc. I will probably write and develop all further blog posts using 2.60 release.

WIP:Project82 Mother ship landing gear rigging

Another ‘work in progress’ images from the Project82 short film. Blender has very good rigging tools. Surprisingly enough, Blenders Bones system and IK (Inverse kinematics) has very robust and easy work flow. The constraints for bones are really awesome, if you compare them with any other popular animation software, like Maya, 3DS max or even…

WIP:Project 82

here is the latest work in progress images from the short film production: Project82