Shortcuts for using blender

User interface of blender
User interface of blender 2.59

In the last post I have showed you how to install blender. And in an earlier post I made an introduction to Blender’s UI. Now here are some methods to get started with blender. If you have some knowledge of other 3d applications like 3dsmax, Softimage(XSI), Maya or cinema4d etc. then this post will help you a lot in jumping straight in to blender.

Instead of giving long description, I will put the points in just few words here. If you find difficulty in any of them, please let me know, so that I will describe them in detail.

 Some important shortcuts for using blender’s 3d viewport.

Navigating in viewports:

Zooming in the 3d view: CTRL + RMB (Right mouse button) or Scroll wheel up/down

Panning the 3d view: Shift + MMB (Middle mouse button)

Rotating the 3d view: MMB

Switching to perspective and orthographic view : Numpad 5 (Toggle)

Switching to Top view: Numpad 7

Front View : Numpad 1

Right side view : Numpad 3

Switch to shaded or wired view: ZKEY

Switch to Textured view: Alt + ZKEY

Switch to camera and user view : Numpad 0

Adding and selection of objects:

Adding simple objects: Shift + AKEY or Add menu on top

Selecting an object: Right-click on the object (Not left-click)

Deselecting objects: AKEY (Don’t click in empty area, like other softwares)

Select all/ select none : AKEY (Same key as above)

Translating objects:

Moving object: GKEY and move mouse. (‘G’ is for grabbing )or use 3d manipulators

Rotating objects: RKEY and move mouse.

Scaling: SKEY and move mouse.

Restricting to x,y or z axis while translating: Just press XKEY or YKEY or ZKEY after G /R or SKEY.

Will add more… stay tunes…bye!


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