Pixar luxo Jr. lamp rigging test

I was trying to rig the Pixar’s Luxo like table lamp in blender 2.59. This is the screen-cast of the rigging working.

please give your comments, suggestions.


7 thoughts on “Pixar luxo Jr. lamp rigging test

  1. Nice work! I think you could use a track to constraint for the “head”, it would be simplier to move it 😉 Could you upload the file, please? I tried to rig this lamp, but I didn’t find any tutorials or help for the rigging constraints… Have you got any good links? Thanks!

    PS : Sorry for the english mistakes, I’m french…

    • Thank you very much Toctave, for your comment!
      Yes, a ‘track to’ constraint to the head would have been better. I was just focusing on the main ‘body’ rigging part. I have tried this rig in 3ds max, maya as well as XSI also. Apart from XSI, blender is the only software with which the rigging experience was so great! If possible, I will try to make a rigging tut on this.
      Thanks a lot!

  2. And… For the file, could you upload it? I promiss you i will only use it for personnal help, but i would understand if you don’t want to share it.

    I watched the video a lot of time, and I guessed you’ve used IK constraints, but I have a problem…

    I tried to make a main “spine”, and some bones constrained with it. The main spine is the bones B_Pied, B_D1, B_M1, B_D2, B_D3 and B_Cou on the picture above. I don’t know what to do with the bone B_G2. I would need to constraint it to the bolt of the B_M1 part, but a track to and a stretch to aren’t working. I don’t know what to do at all…

    Hm… What a complicated message!

    Thank you very much!

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