‘Project 82’ script

Hi, following is the script of the short film ‘Project 82’ that we are working on, at Advaita Design Studio.

Script, Dialogues, Storyboard sketches, Screen play,

Allllll in one file

Names of characters:

RED i: (to be pronounced as ‘red eye’) commander of the mission ‘Project 82,

Master 80i: (‘master eighty eye’) the eldest and experienced one,

         like ‘Master Yoda’ from ‘star wars’

CRi: (‘cry’) the control officer, always cries on situations,

HAWK i: (‘hawk eye’) the observer and space-ship pilot,

Mi: (‘m eye’) matter sample tester,

iY: (‘eye y’) Explosive scientist, works in ‘the noeye LABs’

HC: (high command) the high command of the mother ship…

G5: (‘g five’) the organizer, arranger, manager, communicator, etc, etc, etc.

HV301, HV302, HV303: (body-guard / helper robots)



Establishing Shot

Black screen appears,

Star field appears,

Project Title text (Project 82) appears,

Camera turns up & title goes down out of frame, disappearing,

Entry of mother ship from top right corner of screen going in front side (extreme close up)

Mother-ship is moving ahead, after some distance (full framed) & door opens

Baby ship launch from mother ship, comes down…



Entry of Baby Ship

Baby ship moves from right to left side, camera tracking the baby ship

As camera is tracking, moon comes into frame (long shot, moon & baby ship in frame)

Baby ship going towards moon, camera pause


Baby Ship Landing

Steady low height camera near moon surface…

Baby ship comes into frame from top & slowly lands on moon


Entry of Aliens

Steady camera close up, door of baby ship

Door opens, ramp comes out, aliens standing in frame

Mi, HAWK i, CRi, iY, G5 & HV303 are seen

All are astonished by seeing outside (loud expressions)


Mi: “Wow, this is it.”


HAWK i: “What a view, it’s amazing

They are coming down the ramp looking somewhere at a specific point (in amazed expressions)


Entry of Planet 82

Aliens are moving ahead, camera dolly down from behind the aliens. Some part of Planet 82 (‘earth’) appears in frame; aliens, G5 & HV303 are also seen. Planet 82 is seen very bright, colored with thick glowing environment around it


CRi: “it’s a unique planet in the whole universe


iY: “that’s why NSO has spent so many years, for planet 82

*(NOS – noeye’s space organization)


Long shot; part of planet 82, all characters, baby ship & moon surface in frame

 HAWK i: “we are so fortunate, that we are here on project 82, with Master 80i.”


Entry of Master 80i

Steady camera in close up to aliens from their front side, baby ship in frame

Sound of walking stick of Master 80i, all aliens turn back towards ship door

Master 80i comes near door from inside the ship, HV302 follows him

 Mi: “Master 80i.”


Master 80i coming down the ramp

Steady camera from side view of ramp

Master 80i ‘floating’ down the ramp, sound of his walking stick

Stick is invisible in between, visible in top & bottom side


All gathered

Steady camera from side view of baby ship, both ship & Planet 82 not in frame

All aliens are in frame with 80i, G5, HV 302 & 303

Commander RED i entry in frame from left side, HV301 will follow along with him in frame

 RED i: “so master, what say you?”

 Master80i: “yes, come has the time, for this planet to be ours!”

 RED i: “start the mission!!!”


Mission Starts

 Long shot, bird’s eye view, full baby ship in frame

A door from top of the ship opens, dish, radar comes out, radar animation

Spot lights on the ship turns on

Mi, HAWK i and iY are out side the ship navigating around the ship,

All other characters are inside.


Control Room

 Steady camera_01 inside control room, close to CRi & display


CRi is working at the control station console

CRi is inspecting the ship status on the screen

‘Auto – pilot report: landed successfully

Fuel levels: checking… ok

Ship damage: checking… nil

Radar status: checking… working normal

Connectivity status: checking… ok

 CRi: “surface scan”

(pushes a button ‘surface scan’)

Surface scan status: checking…

                                    …scanning started…


                                    …system failure!

                                    …error: surface is too large to scan!

                                    …scanning aborted!                           

CRi:    “oh no! Not again!”

            “I hate these errors”

Steady camera_02 zoomed out to view CRi, screen & Control Room Door in frame

Door opens, RED i standing at the door


RED i: “report in CRi!”


CRi: “Yes Commander, everything is fine!”

RED i entering the room


CRi:    “only a small problem”


RED i: “I know, don’t start again”


CRi: “But sir!”


RED i: “Prepare the report”

RED i immediately goes out and door closes


CRi: “..IDIOT..”

(CRi is looking at Screen at this time)


Laboratory Shot

RED i goes from control room to laboratory…

Steady camera_01 inside the lab, close to the door facing it

Door opens, entry of RED i from the outside passage,

While coming in…


RED i: “stupid, useless”

RED i walks inside the room

Steady camera_02 zoomed out to view full lab

iY working, surprises as RED i comes suddenly


iY: “yes commander?”


RED i: “nothing! What about your research?”


iY: “yes, I have made this highly explosive”

(pointing to the chemical inside a test tube)


iY: “no one can imagine its power!”


RED i: “but they will experience the power of ‘NOEYES’!” (Proud expression)


Sample Collection Shot


Camera at back side of the ship, in a shadow area facing shutter

Camera turns right towards lit-up area & ship’s back door. Mi & G5 are standing there


Sample Collection Shot

Steady camera_01 near Mi looking towards ship, Mi & G5 full in frame & ship partially in frame

G5: “noise”


Mi: “ok ok; I am done. This is the last sample”

G5:  “noise”

Camera_02 close-up to Mi, moon surface & bags in frame

Mi collects some sample in box sized bag, closes the bag & goes towards collection shutter

Camera_03, while going a headlight comes out from back of Mi, turns on his headlight, G5 standing there only. Camera_04 near shutter, Mi comes closer


Mi: “G5, open the shutter”

Camera_05 towards G5

G5: “noise”

Light blinks at G5 antenna, camera_04, sample collection shutter opens,

shutter noise while opening, The shutter area is lit-up by the head light of Mi, two light spots falling from two eyes of Mi, Mi keeps the boxes in the shutter

G5: “noise”

Shutter closes, shutter noise while closing


Telescope Shot


Shot as seen from the telescope

Telescope panel display, extreme close up of Planet 82 (earth)

Lens zoom out, noise of lens, image of India, World, Globe, lens zooming out…

Camera_01 comes out of telescope through HAWK i’s eyes still Birds Eye View, Camera_02 close-up of HAWK i

HAWK i: “alright, that’s enough”

Camera_03, HAWK i disconnects a USB device of the telescope & HV302 is printing & collecting the images


HAWK i: “get the copies to conference room”


Conference room

Camera_01, inside the tunnel facing door,

Door opens, camera_01 & characters going at conf at this shot: Mi, HAWK i and HV303


HAWK i: “we must hurry, commander is coming”

Characters already inside the conf: CRi, iY, HV302 and G5

Camera_01 reaches inside

Camera_02, CRi is already seated and collecting documents, hard copies data, etc.

iY is seating and places/ connects a test tube equipment to table


iY: “High command will be impressed with my research”

Camera_03, Mi has got some soil sample

HAWK i connects the telescope to the conference table,

Display indication ‘data transferred.’

Camera_04, HV302 checking some control buttons, HV303 stands aside

G5 doing some work at conference table control box

Aliens get there positions around the conference table

Camera_05 close-up of CRi


CRi: “even for the 82nd mission, NSO is using the same old, damn technology!


You know, Last 81 teams died and now this will be our suicidal mission”

Camera_06 close-up of Mi


Mi: “shut up!! CRi! , no one knows what exactly happened with them”



Conference room

Camera_01 Inside the conf. facing the entrance door, characters in frame

Door opens, sound of door opening

All aliens look towards the door

Entry of 80i, RED i (commander) and HV301 from the door

All aliens stand up


RED i (COMMANDER): “everyone ready?”



Camera_02, 80i comes near his chair, RED i stands besides him and HV301 stays near entry door


RED i (COMMANDER): “have a seat master”


“connect to NSO”

Camera_03, G5 does some action of starting the connection using a device

Camera_04, the main LCD screen will display “Connection established” note

Screen flickers & High Commander (HC) appears on the screen


HC: “Hello everybody. Hello Master 80i, good to see u there again.”


“So Commander RED i, lets begin.”

Camera_05, close-up of REDI


RED i (COMMANDER): “Sir, everything’s going as per plan. We have


successfully landed on moon of Planet 82. Our team has completed all the


scanning. Here’s the report.”

RED i connects the USB device to conf table & data transmitted text is seen on conf table screen.

Camera_04, someone behind HC gives him the hard copy of the reports

HC takes a glance of it & turns a few pages



RED i (COMMANDER): “After the landing, we immediately scanned moon


surface, checked the gravity, took soil samples & pictures of Planet 82.


Our lab head has done successful chemical tests, which can be used at the


time of attack on Planet. But I am afraid as there’s some problem with our ship


control system. Control officer CRi will explain you the details…”

Camera_05 turns towards CRi


CRi: “Sir, unfortunately we are facing the same problems which earlier teams


might have faced. We need to improve a lot in Control System technology.


The gravity & ship balancing devices are not working properly;


The surface scanner is showing abrupt scale ratios.


Also, it always shows an error that ‘surface is too large for scanning’.


We need to increase the scaling range for at least 150 times;


To be precise its 1 5 3 . 9 0 6 2 8 . . . . . ”



HC: “enough. We will discuss it later. Just do your job.”


“Commander, as it is the last mission, you have no other option.


Once you land on Planet 82, capture the surrounding area.


When we receive your signal, we will send the re-inforcement.


So, good luck & Goodbye…”

Screen flickers & HC disappears

Camera_06, long shot going close to iY


iY: “We can capture the whole planet. Then why do we need re-inforcement?”


CRi: “But what about the humans there?”

Camera_07 close-up of 80i


80i: “You fool, no human can kill us.”


Cockpit Shot

Steady camera inside cockpit facing outside the glass from behind the pilot

HAWK i at the pilot seat

80i & RED i standing behind him & G5 sitting next to HAWK i


HAWK i: “ready to launch commander”


RED i: “let’s go”

HAWK i turns on the engine, sound of engine acceleration

Ship starts going up


Cockpit Shot

Steady camera close-up to 80i


80i: “the age of humans is now over & the time of no-eyes has come…”


Take off shot

Steady camera outside the ship closer to moon surface

Ship takes off & goes out of frame


Footprint Shot

Camera_01 close up at moon surface, rapidly zooming out

Human Footprint (Shoe-mark) seen for a moment

The ship passes by the camera_02, camera turns to track the ship

Planet 82 comes in frame, ship going towards it

Camera pauses


Pond Shot

Long shot of a beautiful pond area

Trees, bushes, grass, small rocks, etc. around the pond

Camera zooms in on a particular bush, continues zooming in on a grass blade

Ship enters in frame from top (Ship looking very small like an insect)

Ship lands on the grass blade

Tiny black tongue comes in frame from right side, catches the ship & immediately goes back

Sound of frog

Black tongue again comes in & catches the camera screen

Frame turns black

Again sound of frog

Title in black background

“Might Be Continued…”

Screen fades off


—– (NOT) THE END —–

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