Bharat Bhai! Very good song – by Pt. Jasraj, Lyrics-Tulasidas

    Almost two years back, probably in July 2009, once I was on a industrial visit regarding an animation project, with my clients (engineering professionals). We were three people and were going to see a two wheeler painting company. We were traveling in the clients Car. His blue WagonR had a very good music system. He was playing some songs on it, while discussing. After half an hour he inserted a DVD containing Doha’s and Bhajans mainly sung by Pandit Jasraj. There was a song in it by Tulasidas, that I liked so much. I was listening to the song with such an attention that I almost could not here what he was discussing. He later told me that He himself likes that song very much and I was one of the few, who listened to that song with such an interest. (to be frank, my eyes were about to shed tears by hearing the classic poetry. I controlled myself somehow!). The song was a part of Tulasidasa’s ‘Ramcharit Manas’ I guess. In that song Prabhu Ram is talking to his brother Bharat, telling noble properties of his beloved Hanuman.  The doha’s were so beautifully  arranged, and what to say about Pandit Jasraj’s singing! While we were discussing about the song, he told me meanings of some of the words that I could not understood from that doha. Days after that, I tried searching for the actual lyrics of the song, but I could not find any, until last month. In last month, I found the lyrics and also a video on youtube telling the partial translation of the song in English.

   Please listen to this 10 min. song. Its very beautiful and touching. I am posting the lyrics in ‘Devnagari’ bellow and also sharing the youtube link here.

Song: ‘Bharat Bhai’ by Goswami Tulasidas, sung by Pandit Jasraj.

The Lyrics: (in Devnagari)

भरतभाई! कपि से उरिन हम नाही ||

एठो खाय अछूत खवावत | हाथ धोवत टक माहि || १ ||

 सौ योजन मर्याद सिंधू की | लांग गयो पल माहि |

लंका जाय सिया सोधी लाये | गर्ब नाहि मन माहि || २ ||

शती बाण लग्यो लछमन के | शोर भयो दल माहि |

द्रोणागिरी पर्वत ले आयो | भोर होने नहि पायी || ३ ||

अहि रावण की भुजा उखाडी | बैठ रह्यो मठ माहि |

या पर भरत जो हनुमत ना होते | को ल्यावत जग माहि || ४ ||

तुलसीदास मारुतसुत महिमा | प्रभु अपने मुख से गायी |

भरतभाई! कपि से उरिन हम नाही || ५ ||

If you know the better and detailed translation, please write in the comments.



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