The relative ‘God’

My teacher once asked me about my favorite god. I said ‘VITHOBA’ (विठोबा) is my favorite god. He asked me for any special reason, for what I liked ‘Vithoba’. At that time I could not give any good reason, but later when I was home, I tried to figure it out, why I like ‘Him’.
I think an impression of some experience of our own or of somebody else, creates a deep impact in our liking. such impression can even change our liking taste or some times we even come to know what exactly we do like. some times literature or writings of others can help us explore or discover our own thought process.
Specially when concept like ‘God’ is concerned, the God himself is mainly defined by His followers. Very few can have direct experience of God or of its attributes. So, in that way liking a God without knowing him directly is just out of question in first glans. we can only know him through his followers or lovers.
May be I like ‘Vithoba’ due to the great poetry came from the heart of his great lover ‘Tukaram Maharaj’.
“सुन्दर ते ध्यान, उभे वीटे वरी”
when we read such poetry we can literally see the image as explained by him, in front of our eyes.
Now, why do I like the poetry? may be because I first heard the song, that to in the sweet most voice of ‘Lata Didi’, composed by ‘Srinivas Khale’
So if I like ‘Vithoba’ then the credit goes to tukaram maharaj as well as Lata didi.
Every one tries to perceive things in their own way, and same with God.
So the God in Tukaram maharaj’s mind may be different in Lata Didi’s mind, so with me, and I think with every body.
Some people like Personified god, some like image worship, some may not need any ‘God’ as such, some will just keep on crying to see the god, someone will just sit idle, meditating on his own understanding of god.
May be my own understanding will relatively vary after few years from now.
Really its all relative…

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