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Chitramrit blog 01 – Intro to Chitramrit

In this blog: Overview, how it began, about the production and some behind the scenes.

It all started long ago when it was not even called as
“The Chitramrit Project”
Initially in 2005, while reading the 9 volumes of
‘The complete works of Swami Vivekananda’,
I was trying to visualise Swamiji speaking
and was imagining – as I am in the audience
or around somewhere to hear his godly speech.

The idea of having visualisations or pictorial representations came to my mind in 2010, while I was reading the ‘Vachanamrit’ (वचनामृत), the Marathi translation of ‘The Gospels of Sri Ramkrishna’. As I am from 3d Graphics and animation background since 1999, naturally I started to think to make the visuals using my skills -the digital 3d tools. Around 2016, in my company ‘Advaita Studios’, we were working on some other project and in their hours, I decided to try making a 3d model of Dakshineshwar.

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Chitramrit Website

You already know that the Chitramrit project is dedicated to developing visual contents about Swami Vivekananda and Sri Ramkrishna. The scope of work and overall idea behind the Chitramrit project was getting expanded. In fact, it is still developing and maturing. So, it came to my mind to have it published on a dedicated website. I decided to buy a domain name and hosting for the website.

Not to my surprise, the domain name ‘chitramrit.com’ was available as it is unique. I bought the domain and hosting plan from bluehost.com (which is the current host for my office’s website advaitastudios.com too). After that having the website running was comparatively easy, as I am already aware of web design in general and also using tools like WordPress. It was the 8th of Feb 2019 when I bought and ran the first webpage. Coincidentally, it was ‘Ganesh Jayanti‘ on that day, which I came to know later, as a good surprise. So we can say that the ‘Online’ start is good.

I used the ‘WordPress‘ as my primary content management system.  Since I have used WordPress for several years now.  The setup was very easy.

On top of WordPress, I used ‘Divi’ theme.  Divi is a really great website builder and I have already used it in Advaita Studios official website as well as my other projects.

You can find more about Divi theme on the elegant themes page here: Divi by Elegant Themes

The initial setup was very easy.  Then I added more detailed pages and put some actual work in progress status.  Now the website’s current version is good enough for public visibility.

I also drew a small logo for the website. Till this point, I was completely unthoughtful of the logo. But as I started adding the website header I realised the need for a good logo. I searched the web for various concepts for the logo, liked few ones. I wanted to have a small flower-like logo as a symbol of an offering from me to the Lord. I tried to draw a small logo in apple keynote just to keep it simple and fast. After a few alterations, I concluded a design for now. I made multiple versions of it including ‘white on alpha’ and ‘black on alpha’ and quickly added on the header menu.

You can visit it here: chitramrit.com

Chitramrit-Logo-Design-v04-BLK on WHT h400

More updates on the way…

Thrilled to announce Chitramrit.com

It’s been many months that I was planning for such a massive project.  This project is really my dream project. Initially, it was really vague but I think it’s taking some shape now.  Allow me to introduce ‘chitramrit.com’

Chitramrit-Logo-Design-v04-BLK on WHT h400

‘Chitramrit’ is about the Chronicles of Swami Vivekananda, Gospels of Sri Ramkrishna.  It is an endeavour to virtually reconstruct the stories and events that actually took place, as part of the divine play of Sri Ramkrishna, Holi Mother, Swami Vivekananda and others.  The objective of this project is to produce ‘academically useful’ and ‘historically accurate’, visual representation of events based on stories of Sri Ramkrishna and his divine companions.

I am already working on this since 2011. And recently through ‘Advaita Studio’s passionate team, we have already started developing preliminary work.

I am currently sorting out all the things I am intending to do.  There are lot many things that I want to talk about.  In coming time, I will post more updates on the project.

Till then please visit the dedicated website: ‘chitramrit.com’

Hurray! ‘Let’s Learn 3D Animation’ Starting from Tommorow

I am glad to announce that the English version of the Free 3D Graphics Training article series is starting from Sat, 12 Dec 2015.


This is the translation of the original Marathi article series called ‘चला शिकूया 3D Animation’ which talks about 3D animation and graphics. The entire series constits of several articles and also introduces many aspects of 3D through a real short film. New articles will be posted each day. So stay tuned and give me your feedback too…

Launching soon…’Let’s learn 3D Animation’

The English version of my FREE 3D animation training series is almost ready. I am having very good response to the original Marathi training, ‘चला शिकूया 3D Animation!‘. I will soon start posting the English version. I hope you will like it.

The complete series will introduce to you, various aspects of 3D graphics and we will talk about animation as well. We will discuss right from script writing, storyboards and 3D modeling, animation upto editing and post production. To have a practical and application oriented approach, we will be studying the complete making of a short film. Here is the finish short film.

So stay tuned…

The adventures of Tingu


I am feeling very happy to present to you this short-film. This is a story of ‘Tingu’, a little lamp, trying to resolve the magic cube. After struggling a lot and still not being able to solve, he finally gets angry. At the end, ‘Tingu’ finds the cube resolving ‘magically’.

This short-film is developed by students and fresher 3d artists, at ADVAITA STUDIOS. Everybody enjoyed working on this project and everybody worked hard too, while learning. This is a part of a big free training series (currently in marathi) called- ‘चला शिकूया 3D Animation’. This free training series covers most of the fundamental things about 3D animation and also about computer graphics in general.

ASPL-CS3D-FREE-Header-960x280 web
Here is the link: http://advaita-studios.com/cs3d/
We are also planning to develop an English version of it.

We hope that you will like and enjoy this short film. Please give us your feedback and/or suggestions, about any of the aspect of this film. Also if you have any questions or doubts about any aspect of 3D animation field, please feel free to ask us. We will be gladly replay!

Have a nice day 🙂