The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna – Marathi Translation BookReading Series started

I am thrilled to announce the beginning of the series – वचनामृत वाचन (Book reading of ‘Vachanamrit’) Vachanamrit is the Marathi translation of the Original Bengali book on Sri Ramkrishna -‘Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrit’. Its English translation, ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ is very popular. I am planning to start an English reading version also….

Chitramrit: People who met Swami Vivekananda’ series begins

Just started posting the short biographical series, ‘People who met Swami Vivekananda’. As our plan to study the Context aspect of Swami Vivekananda’s life, we are in process of developing this series. In this series, we will cover some of the people who met with Swamiji during his Indian and World Travells. Some of the…

To be vs. to do

To be is important…but to do is more!
Company is important… but to accompany is more!

Chitramrit blog 01 – Intro to Chitramrit

The idea of having visualisations or pictorial representations came to my mind in 2010, while I was reading the ‘Vachanamrit’ (वचनामृत), the Marathi translation of ‘The Gospels of Sri Ramkrishna’. As I am from 3d Graphics and animation background since 1999, naturally I started to think to make the visuals using my skills -the digital 3d tools. Around 2016, in my company ‘Advaita Studios’, we were working on some other project and in their hours, I decided to try making a 3d model of Dakshineshwar.

Chitramrit Website

You already know that the Chitramrit project is dedicated to developing visual contents about Swami Vivekananda and Sri Ramkrishna. The scope of work and overall idea behind the Chitramrit project was getting expanded. In fact, it is still developing and maturing. So, it came to my mind to have it published on a dedicated website. I…

Thrilled to announce

It’s been many months that I was planning for such a massive project.  This project is really my dream project. Initially, it was really vague but I think it’s taking some shape now.  Allow me to introduce ‘’ ‘Chitramrit’ is about the Chronicles of Swami Vivekananda, Gospels of Sri Ramkrishna.  It is an endeavour to virtually…

Excited about Blender 2.80

  Blender is getting a big update.  It’s in just Alpha stage now.  Not all the functions are working as in 2.79.  But I can tell you it’s mind blowing.